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Blaise writes about his ideals and hopes for the coming year. He looks foward to tea with Severus.

Severus thinks about the Ministry and the Order and finds himself generally disgusted with everything. He considers taking Blaise into his confidence.

Severus and Blaise have tea. Blaise confesses his desire to become Severus' apprentice; Severus reluctantly asks for Blaise's assistance with the Slytherin students.

Blaise begins searching out Slytherins that are against Voldemort; he runs into Draco in the common room.

Severus is accosted by Headmaster Dumbledore and Remus Lupin considering Harry Potter's Occulmency lessons. He's concerned about the fact that Voldemort is lying low.

After a week, Blaise rediscovers his journal.

Severus hates Hogwarts.

Severus and Blaise have tea. They discuss Blaise's trial apprenticeship, and we meet Severus' familiar, Hemlock.

Blaise thinks about Severus, Yule holidays, and his fellow students.

Severus complains about his lack of privacy, and reluctantly worries about Harry.

Blaise worries about his future.

Terry Boot asks Blaise out on a date. Blaise declines, embarrassed.

Severus wishes Blaise a Happy Birthday.

Blaise complains about his house mates. Terry Boot continues to pursue him, and he finds a cat he introduces as Cleopatra.

Severus becomes annoyed with Harry's insomnia.

Blaise wonders at Harry and Draco's emnity.

Severus learns he can take Blaise as an apprentice if he continues Harry's Occulmency lessons, and let's Blaise know his decision. Blaise is extraordinarily happy at the news.

Blaise goes to Severus' office after being hexed by Draco. Snogging ensues; their relationship becomes awkward.

Blaise writes about the incident and wonders if he's ruined everything by admitting his attraction to Severus.

Severus writes about his lessons with Harry, Draco's behavior, and his own morals.

Severus is summoned, and Blaise finds himself worried.

Severus, now 15, takes solace in the fact that he still has a journal, and writes about the future and his fears. Blaise introduces himself.

Blaise worries about Severus and wonders why the new Slytherin, Ezekiel, seems so familiar.

Blaise and Ezekeiel meet in the library. Blaise gives Ezekiel a tour, where they run into both Terry Boot and Draco Malfoy. They agree to become friends.

Blaise wonders where Ezekiel got his journal.

"Ezekiel" writes about meeting Blaise, and his interaction with the Headmaster.

Blaise worries about Severus, and his own attraction to Ezekiel. (1, 2) Knowing that his journal is connected with Severus, Blaise tries to contact his professor.

Ezekiel gets an owl from Bellatrix Lestrange.

Blaise is angry that Headmaster Dumbledore won't give him a straight answer about Severus.

Headmaster Dumbledore brings in a new potions master to help with Ezekiel's cure, who seems to take a special pleasure in tormenting the boy. Ezekiel meets Lupin face to face for the first time.

Blaise bemoans the drama that is his life.

Ezekiel makes a list of people he hates.

Later that night, Ezekiel is reprimanded for hexing Harry Potter. Flitwick interferes with Ezekiel's punishment.

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