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I'm so tired.

I don't even know where to begin.

Madam Pomfrey has come up with a theory of some sort that she can fix me if there's this really complicated mix of medical magic, transfiguration, and potions involved. I can't quite figure it out, but it's supposed to nullify the effect of whatever I got into that made me like this.

They brought in a Potions Master from Norway--his name is Erik Fendalen, and he's taken the potions position at Hogwarts (my potions position, sometime in the future) as well as helping the headmaster and Professor McGonagall work on my...well, cure, for lack of a better world. I didn’t really mind him so much when we first met, but he’s begun just. Humiliating me at every opportunity. He knows where I’m from, he knows that there have been 20 years of information that I’m not really privy to at all. (I’m half convinced that the Headmaster is going to Obliviate me when they figure out how to fix me.) But Professor Fendalen keeps choosing me for the hardest, most advanced questions about potions that don’t even exist for me, and giving me extra work when I can’t answer them correctly. I’m doing my best, but I have my promise to Headmaster Dumbledore to keep a low profile and my marks are just getting worse and worse because I can’t look up the information that I need. Everything that I’m allowed to touch is useless, everything I know is archaic. I think it would all be unbearable if not for Blaise.

I met Lupin tonight. I actually didn’t know who he was at first—he didn’t look familiar at all. But he kept staring at me with this… strange look. I guess he recognized me right off—the misdirection glamour that Professor Flitwick cast on me must not work on those whom had already seen me as I am. I hear that he’s the DADA professor, but I don’t really remember seeing him when I was in the class. Of course, it could be that Lupin’s always been able to fade in the background, and for that matter, I didn’t recognize him in the first place. I’m kind of nervous, actually… now that Lupin’s here, just how long is it going to be before I see the others?
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