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Today, the headmaster requested my presence for afternoon tea. As a request from Dumbledore is but a veiled order, I had no other option than to obey. He asked how I liked the students this year and of my expectations of them. My silence was answer enough, as that is how I've always answered his questions since the first day he put them to me. I don't know which staff members swallow his Just and Benevolent Headmaster performance, but I am not one of them. And yet we tiptoe around each other, he pretending that he cares, I pretending as though I do not notice. He is disappointed in my stubborness considering an obligation forced on me last year, and I find that his displeasure stings less than it once did.

Lupin came to me tonight under the pretense of discussing possible adjustments to the Wolvesbane potion, but to little surprise it devolved into a plea to continue Potter's Occulmency training. (Note to self: Add a teaspoon of chopped chaparral to make Lupin's Wolvesbane especially nasty this month.) I refused, of course--I have precious little time of my own, and the boy is unwilling to learn from me, despite the immense importance of the skill. I'm waiting for Nymphadora or Shacklebolt, perhaps, to continue with these earnest pleas. They have a tendency to move in packs.

Draco recieved his weekly owl from Narcissa today, and I must remember to take time out of my schedule to owl her myself. I've been concerned about her since Lucius went to Azkaban, and would hope she's managed better than Draco has himself.

Overall, it has been a rather calm week, and that in itself concerns me. I have removed points from Gryffindor, as per usual, and survived the shock of discovering Harry Potter had passed his Potions O.W.L. with sufficient ease. It seems as though I am an efficient professor after all, despite what Minerva says about my teaching methods.

All the same, I find myself hesitating at this calm. The Dark Lord has yet to make a summoning, and I am... unsure of my welcome should I choose to attend.

Hemlock is being quite insistent in her affection. Suffice to say, I have other matters to attend.
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